ICRAT 2020 Technical Papers & Presentations

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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Human Performance
  • Investigation of Relationship Between Trust in Automation and Human Personality Traits Among Air Traffic Controllers

    Authors: Doroteja Timotic, Fedja Netjasov and Svetlana Cicevic  
Decision Support
  • Solution Space Design for Continuous Descent Operations under Prediction Uncertainties

    Authors: Shumpei Kamo, Judith Rosenow and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Predicting the Propagation of Trajectory Uncertainty during Climb

    Authors: Thomas Zeh, Judith Rosenow, Hartmut Fricke, and Richard Alligier  
System Performance
  • Deep Trajectory Clustering with Autoencoders

    Authors: Xavier Olive, Luis Basora, Benoît Viry and Richard Alligier  
  • What’s the Relationship Between Aircraft Taxi Speed and its Pollutant Emissions?

    Authors: Lijun Zheng, Rong Hu, Junfeng Zhang and Jialin Zhu  
  • A Collision Risk Assessment Method for Runway Threshold Management: A Case Study of Singapore Changi Airport

    Authors: Haojie Ang, Qing Cai and Sameer Alam  
  • Identification of Significant Impact Factors on Arrival Flight Efficiency within TMA

    Authors: Anastasia Lemetti, Tatiana Polishchuk, Valentin Polishchuk, Raúl Sáez and Xavier Prats  
  • Capacity Management based on the Integration of Dynamic Airspace Configuration and Flight Centric ATC solutions using Complexity

    Authors: Marc Melgosa, Leïla Zerrouki, Predrag Terzioski, Pol Olivella and Andrija Vidosavljevic  
  • Validation of Controller Workload Predictors at Conventional and Remote Towers

    Authors: Billy Josefsson, Lothar Meyer, Maximilian Peukert, Tatiana Polishchuk and Christiane Schmidt  
  • Predicting Aircraft Landing Time in Extended-TMA using Machine Learning Methods

    Authors: Imen Dhief, Zhengyi Wang, Man Liang, Sameer Alam, Michael Schultz and Daniel Delahaye  
  • Trajectory Clustering of Inbound Aircraft based on Feature Representation and Selection

    Authors: Zihan Peng, Junfeng Zhang, Xuhao Gui, Rong Hu and Dong Sui  
  • Dynamics of Disruption and Recovery in Air Transportation Networks

    Authors: Max Z. Li, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Hamsa Balakrishnan, Sang Shin, Darsh Jalan, Aritro Nandi and Lavanya Marla  
  • Flightpath 2050 door-to-door travel time goal: A comparative study on Europe and China

    Authors: Pengfei Yia, Sebastian Wandelta and Xiaoqian Suna  
  • Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for Air Traffic: Preliminary Theoretic Results and Simulation Findings

    Authors: Ivan Tereshchenko, Mark Hansen and Bo Zou  
Automation and Air Vehicle Integration
  • Full-scale Pre-Tactical Route Prediction Machine Learning to increase pre-tactical demand forecast accuracy

    Authors: Manuel Mateos, Ignacio Martín, Pedro García, Ricardo Herranz, Oliva García Cantú-Ros and Xavier Prats  
  • Assessment of Optical Markers for On-Board Autonomous Localization of eVTOLs during Landing

    Authors: Finn Hübner, Stephan Wolkow, Andreas Dekiert, Maik Angermann and Ulf Bestmann  
  • The Effect of Intent on Conflict Detection and Resolution at High Traffic Densities

    Authors: Marta Ribeiro, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • An Autonomous Free Airspace En-route Controller using Deep Reinforcement Learning Techniques

    Author: Joris Mollinga and Herke van Hoof  
  • A two-stage algorithm for aircraft conflict resolution with trajectory recovery

    Authors: Fernando H. C. Dias, Stephanie Rahme and David Rey  
  • Segmentation of Low-altitude Airspace in Highly Constrained Environments

    Author: Jungwoo Cho and Yoonjin Yoon  
Environment and Energy Efficiency
  • Detecting and Measuring Turbulence from Mode S Surveillance Downlink Data

    Author: Xavier Olive and Junzi Sun  
  • FPCA applied to flight paths optimization

    Author: Lucas Ligny  
Fuel and Emissions
  • Comparison of Fuel Consumption of Continuous Descent Operations with Required Times of Arrival Path Stretching vs. Powered Descents

    Author: Raúl Sáez and Xavier Prats  
Trajectory Management and Operations
  • Morphing STARs vs drones and weather in TMA

    Authors: Henrik Hardell, Vishwanath Bulusu, Anastasia Lemetti, Tatiana Polishchuk, Valentin Polishchuk and Enric Royo  
  • Coupling Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning for the Aircraft Landing Problem

    Authors: Sana Ikli, Catherine Mancel, Marcel Mongeau, Xavier Olive, and Emmanuel Rachelson  
  • Short-Term Trajectory Prediction Using Generative Machine Learning Methods

    Authors: Thanh-Ha Le, Phu N. Tran, Duc-Thinh Pham, Michael Schultz and Sameer Alam  
  • Obstacle Clustering and Path Optimization for Drone Routing

    Author: Ang Li and Mark Hansen  
  • Analysis and Design of Trajectory-Based Operations under Wind Forecast Uncertainty

    Authors: Dun Yuan Tan, Sandeep Badrinath and Hamsa Balakrishnan  
  • Aircraft Flight Plan Optimization with Dynamic Weather and Airspace Constraints

    Authors: Coline Ramée, Junghyun Kim, Marie Deguignet, Cedric Justin, Simon Briceno, and Dimitri Mavris  
  • Probabilistic 4D Flight Planning in Structured Airspaces through Parallelized Simulation on GPUs

    Authors: Daniel González Arribas, Eduardo Andrés-Enderiz, Manuel Soler, Aniel Jardines and Javier García-Heras  
Advanced Modeling
  • Interactive Trajectory Modification and Generation with FPCA

    Authors: Gabriel Jarry, Almoctar Hassoumi, Daniel Delahaye and Christophe Hurter  
  • Resilient Arrival Runway Occupancy Time prediction for decision-making tool in Barcelona (LEBL) airport

    Authors: Miguel García Martínez, Javier García Moreno, Rubén González Sendino and Álvaro Rodríguez Sanz  
  • Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Aircraft Phase of Flight Prediction

    Authors: Stephen Kovarik, Liam Doherty, Kiran Korah, Brian Mulligan, Ghulam Rasool, Yusuf Mehta, Parth Bhavsar and Mike Paglione  
  • Taxi-speed Prediction by Spatio-Temporal Graph-based Trajectory Representation and Its Applications

    Authors: Thanh-Nam Tran, Duc-Thinh Pham, Sameer Alam and Vu Duong  
  • Model Generalization in Arrival Runway Occupancy Time Prediction by Feature Equivalences

    Authors: An-Dan Nguyen, Duc-Thinh Pham, Nimrod Lilith and Sameer Alam  
  • Probabilistic Prediction of Time To Fly using Quantile Regression Forest

    Authors: Stanley Förster, Michael Schultz and Hartmut Fricke  
  • In-flight aircraft trajectory optimization within corridors defined by ensemble weather forecasts

    Authors: Martin Lindner, Judith Rosenow, Thomas Zeh and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Categorizing Flight Paths using Data Visualization and Clustering Methodologies

    Authors: Yifan Song, Keyang Yu and Seth Young  
  • Predicting Go-around Occurrence with Input-Output Hidden Markov Model

    Authors: Lu Dai, Yulin Liu and Mark Hansen  
  • En-route Arrival Time Prediction using Gaussian Mixture Model

    Authors: Hyunjin Paek, Keumjin Lee and Adan Ernesto Vela  
Airline Operations and Quality of Service
  • Integrated Operations Control at Hub-Airports with Uncertain Arrival Times

    Authors: Jan Evler, Ehsan Asadi, Henning Preis and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Towards a more complete view of air transportation performance combining on-time performance and passenger sentiment

    Authors: Philippe Monmousseau, Stephane Puechmorel, Daniel Delahaye, Aude Marzuoli and Eric Feron  
  • Optimal Gate Assignment Under Consideration of the Ground Infrastructure

    Authors: Philipp Zeunert, Eric Möbius and Markus Herrich  
  • Robust Integrated Airline Scheduling with Chance Constraints

    Authors: Yifan Xu, Sebastian Wandelt and Xiaoqian Sun  
  • Estimation of Flight State with a Collision Alert Radar Based on FMCW Reflections of the Landscape for General Aviation

    Authors: Jerom Maas, Ronald van Gent and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Aircraft performance-based redesign of airport obstacle limitation surfaces The horizontal obstacle limitation surfaces

    Authors: K. Ahnert, H. Fricke and M. Schultz  
Complexity and Information
  • Boundary Searching of Unmanned Aircraft System Operations Near Airports A Data-Driven Analysis of Airspace Utilization

    Author: Wei Dai and Kin Huat Low  
Information Management
  • Validation of GPS by Ground Scanning Radar Generated with an on-board wide-angle FMCW radar for General Aviation

    Authors: J. Maas, V. Stefanovici, R. van Gent and J. Hoekstra  
  • Analyzing Aircraft Surveillance Signal Quality at the 1090 Megahertz Radio Frequency

    Author: Junzi Sun and Jacco M. Hoekstra  
Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Droneport Placement Optimization and Capacity Prediction

    Authors: Zeng Yixi, Low K. Huat, Vu N. Duong and Michael Schultz  
Network Management
  • The Air Traffic Flow Management Problem with Interdependent Flight Schedules

    Author: Benjamin W.J. Tan and Peter L. Jackson  
  • Air Traffic Flow Management under Uncertainty in Terminal Maneuvering Area

    Authors: Ying Huo, Daniel Delahaye, Mohammed Sbihi and Yanjun Wang  
  • A Percolation Theory Based Approach for Identification of Bottleneck Links in an Airway Network

    Authors: Chunyao Ma, Qing Cai, Sameer Alam and Vu N. Duong  
  • An Arrival Scheduling Model for Incorporating Collaborative Decision-Making Concepts into Time-Based Flow Management

    Authors: Yeming Hao, David J. Lovell, Michael O. Ball, Sergio Torres and Gaurav M. Nagle  
  • Tradeoffs between Efficiency and Fairness in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management

    Authors: Christopher Chin, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Hamsa Balakrishnan, Maxim Egorov and Antony Evans  
Doctoral Symposium
  • Effects of aviation liberalization and level of democracy on air connectivity and related economic consequences: Evidence from Africa

    Author: Tassew Dufera Tolcha and Tchouamou Njoya Eric  
  • Examining the Air Travel Experiences of Individuals with Vision Disabilities

    Author: Bhoomika Bhagchandani and Jeffrey. W. Kassing  
  • Decision Support System for Airline Operation Control Hub Centre (DiSpAtCH) Initial research results and developed framework

    Authors: Jonas Ernst Bernhard Langner, Thomas Feuerle and Garoe Gonzalez  
  • Does the attractiveness of the cabin crew affect the perception of customers? A neuromarketing perspective

    Author: Şahap Akan and Özlem Atalik  
  • Improvement of Conflict Detection and Resolution at High Densities Through Reinforcement Learning

    Authors: Marta Ribeiro, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Neural Network based Convection Indicator for Pre-Tactical Air Traffic Flow Management

    Authors: Aniel Jardines, Manuel Soler, Javier García-Heras and Alejandro Cervantes Rovira  
  • Modelling and Simulation of APOC Operations

    Authors: Sashiko Shirai Reyna, Miguel Mujica Mota, Daniel Delahaye and José M. Ortiz  
  • A Data Collection Scheme to Support Applications for Capacity Enhancements at Small Airports

    Author: Danae Zoe Mitkas and David J. Lovell (Adviser)  
  • Advanced Statistical Signal Processing for Next Generation Trajectory Prediction

    Authors: Homeyra Khaledian, Xavier Prats and Jordi Vilà-Valls  
  • Topological Data Analysis on the Northeast Asian Air Route Network

    Authors: Seyun Kim, Yuyol Shin and Yoonjin Yoon  
  • How to assess the feasibility of sUAS applications in urban environment: geodemographic analysis of 3D urban space

    Author: Namwoo Kim and Yoonjin Yoon  
  • Classification of Runway Configurations for Capacity Analysis of Airports Serving Small Aircraft

    Author: Hui Jeong Ha and Seth B. Young (Adviser)  
  • The Effect of Human Resources Management Practices in the Aviation Industry on Employees’ Belonging to Work and Turnover Intention: Mediating Role of Perceived Supervisor Support

    Author: Emrah Durmaz and Mustafa Karaca  
  • Airspace Design and Trajectory Planning for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Traffic Management System

    Author: Hualong Tang and Yu Zhang  
  • Exploration of On-Demand Urban Air Mobility: Network Design, Operation Scheduling and Uncertainty Considerations

    Author: Zhiqiang Wu and Yu Zhang