ICRAT 2018 Technical Papers & Presentations

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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Advanced Modeling
  • Object Tracking in Images of an Airborne Wide Angle FMCW Radar

    Authors: Jerom Maas, Ronald van Gent and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Aircraft Mass and Thrust Estimation Using Recursive Bayesian Method

    Authors: Junzi Sun, Henk A.P. Blom, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Assessment of Air Traffic Control for Urban Air Mobility and Unmanned Systems

    Authors: Parker Vascik, Hamsa Balakrishnan and R. John Hansman  
  • A Multi-Layer Artificial Neural Network Approach for Runway Configuration Prediction

    Authors: Md Shohel Ahmed, Sameer Alam and Michael Barlow  
  • Formal Modeling of Air Traffic as System-of-Systems: Air Traffic as Systems of Interdependent Operational Decision Making Processes

    Author: Alexander Gillissen and Michael Schultz  
  • Performance Analysis of a LiDAR System for Comprehensive Airport Ground Surveillance under Varying Weather and Lighting Conditions

    Authors: Johannes Mund, Alexander Zouhar and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Prediction of Passenger Boarding Process using Neural Network Approach

    Author: Michael Schultz and Stefan Reitmann  
Complexity and Information
  • Predicting Sector Configuration Transitions with Autoencoder-based Anomaly Detection

    Author: Thomas Dubot  
  • Geovectoring: Reducing Traffic Complexity to Increase the Capacity of UAV airspace

    Authors: Jacco Hoekstra, Joost Ellerbroek, Emmanuel Sunil and Jerom Maas  
  • Relative Trajectory Cost Estimation for CTOP Applications Using Multivariate Nonparametric Finite Mixture Logit

    Author: Ivan Tereshchenko and Mark Hansen  
    As published in CEAS Aeronautical Journal
Doctoral Paper
  • Ontology-Based Approach for Human Competency Gap Analysis in Air Traffic Management. A Case Study of Georgia

    Author: Nika Tkanashvili and Igor Kabashkin  
  • Egg-shaped conflict envelopes with Fuzzy logic for airspace Collision Risk Modelling

    Author: Hee Wei Gary Foo and Zhao-Wei Zhong  
  • Terminal Airspace Anomaly Detection Using Temporal Logic Learning

    Author: Kwangyeon Kim and Inseok Hwang  
  • Conceptual Design of a Speed Command Algorithm for Airborne Spacing Interval Management

    Authors: Timo Riedel, Masaki Takahashi and Eri Itoh  
  • Detection of individual anomalous arrival trajectories within the terminal airspace using persistent homology

    Author: Max Li and Megan Ryerson  
  • E-service quality performance measurement in airlines: An application on scheduled airlines in Turkey

    Author: Mahmut Bakir and Özlem Atalik  
  • Increasing the Resilience of ATC systems against False Data Injection Attacks using DSL-based Testing

    Authors: Aymeric Cretin, Bruno Legeard, Fabien Peureux and Alexandre Vernotte  
  • The airline brand personality in the context of neuromarketing: FSC versus LCC

    Author: Sahap Akan and Özlem Atalik  
  • Assessing the airspace availability for sUAV operations in urban environments: A topological approach using keep-in and keep-out geofence

    Author: Jungwoo Cho and Yoonjin Yoon  
  • Flight Data Handling with Augmented Reality

    Author: Hejar Gürlük  
  • Valuation of Public Guarantees with PM Real Option: New Istanbul Airport Example

    Author: Emrah Durmaz and Ünal Battal  
  • Airport ground traffic optimisation

    Author: Hamza Taheri and Abdelouahid Lyhyaoui  
  • Merging Flows and Optimizing Aircraft Scheduling in Terminal Maneuvering Area Based on GA

    Authors: Akinori Murata, Daniel Delahaye and Keiki Takadama  
  • Inadequate Post Simulation Debriefings in Air Traffic Control and Pilot Training

    Author: Shawn Pruchnicki and David Woods  
Fuel and Emissions
  • Estimation of Aircraft Fuel Consumption Based on Air Traffic 4D Trajectory Data

    Authors: Fei Liu, Nanjian Zhuang, Qiang Ren and Zhiqiang Wei  
  • Estimating Fuel Consumption from Radar Tracks: A Validation Exercise using FDR Data from Descent Trajectories

    Authors: Ramon Dalmau, Alex Ramonjoan, Xavier Prats and Santiago Soley  
    As published in CEAS Aeronautical Journal
  • Quantification of WAFS Weather Forecast Uncertainties and its Effect on Fuel Burn using Historical Flight Data

    Authors: Agnes Tang, Cheng-Lung Wu and David Tan  
  • Verification of the Ozone Algorithmic Climate Change Functions for Predicting the Short-term NOx Effects from Aviation En-route

    Authors: Feijia Yin, Volker Grewe, Jesper van Manen, Sigrun Matthes, Hiroshi Yamashita, Florian Linke and Benjamin Lührs  
  • Fuel and Emission Benefits for Continuous Descent Approaches at Schiphol

    Authors: Joost Ellerbroek, Mazin Inaad and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Research on Civil Aircraft Fuel Consumption in Cruise Phase Based on Least Square Support Vector Regression with Genetic Algorithm

    Author: Shuli Gong  
Human Performance
  • Quantitative Prediction of Automation Effects on ATCo Human Performance

    Authors: Eva María Puntero Parla, Patricia Lopez de Frutos, Elena Lopez Ballestin, Jose Cañas, Pedro Ferreira, Victor Fernando Gómez and Francesca Lucchi  
  • Analyzing Pilot Decision-Making Using Predictive Modeling

    Author: Somil Shah and Angela Campbell  
  • A Machine Learning Approach on Past ADS-B Data to Predict Planning Controller’s Actions

    Authors: Duc-Thinh Pham, Sameer Alam, Su Yi-Lin and Vu Duong  
Network Management
  • Selecting Parameters in Performance - Based Ground Delay Program Planning

    Authors: Alexander Estes, David Lovell and Michael Ball  
  • New Insights on Nonlinear Delay Causation Network for Passengers and Flights in Europe

    Author: Seddik Belkoura and Samuel Cristóbal  
  • Local TBS Delay Reduction Effect on Global Network Operations

    Authors: Goce Nikolovski, Vincent Treve and Floris Herrema  
  • Alternative Trajectory Options for Delay Reduction in Demand and Capacity Balancing

    Authors: Yan Xu, Ramon Dalmau, Marc Melgosa, Adeline Montlaur and Xavier Prats  
  • Analysing the Decision Rules for a Ground Delay Program: Mexican Airport Network

    Author: Miguel Antonio Mujica and Rodrigo Romero Silva  
  • Efficient Conflict Detection for Conflict Resolution

    Authors: Richard Alligier, Nicolas Durand and Gregory Alligier  
  • Quantitative Assessments of Runway Excursion Precursors using Mode S Data

    Author: Xavier Olive and Pierre Bieber  
  • An Introduction to Fast Time Simulations for RPAS Collision Avoidance System Evaluation

    Author: Guido Manfredi and Yannick Jestin  
  • Using Agent-Based Modeling to Determine Collision Risk in Complex TMA Environments. The Turn-Onto-ILS-Final Safety Case

    Authors: Hartmut Fricke, Stanley Foerster and Markus Vogel  
  • Analyzing the Effect of Traffic Scenario Properties on Conflict Count Models

    Authors: Emmanuel Sunil, Ólafur Þórðarson, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Probabilistic Aircraft Conflict Detection in the Terminal Maneuvering Area

    Authors: Eulalia Hernández-Romero, Alfonso Valenzuela, Damián Rivas, Matthias Steiner and James Pinto  
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Closest Point of Approach

    Authors: Ying Huo, Daniel Delahaye and Yanjun Wang  
  • Potential Safety Occurences as Indicators of Air Traffic Management Safety Performances: A Network Based Simulation Model

    Author: Fedja Netjasov and Dusan Crnogorac  
System Performance
  • A Probabilistic Model for Precedence Rules and Reactionary Delay in Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Florentin Goyens, François Gonze, Raphaël M. Jungers, Andrea Simonetto, Etienne Huens and Jean Boucquey  
  • Novel Terminal Arrival Airspace Robustness Metrics via Topological Density Clustering

    Author: Max Li and Megan Ryerson  
  • Comparing Scheduled Block Time Setting in Europe and China based on Multiple Linear Regression

    Authors: Wei Dai, Rainer Koelle, Lingling Ma and Yifei Zhao  
  • In Search of the Upper Limit to Air Traffic Control Communication

    Authors: Lu Dai, Yulin Liu and Mark Hansen  
  • CAMDA: Capacity Assessment Method for Decentralized Air Traffic Control

    Authors: Emmanuel Sunil, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Measuring the Benefits of NextGen Metroplex in Convective Weather: Case Study of North Texas Metroplex

    Authors: Yu Zhang, Hualong Tang, Dave Knorr and Almira Ramadani  
Trajectory Optimization
  • Trajectory Optimization in Daily Operations

    Authors: Judith Rosenow, David Strunck and Hartmut Fricke  
    As published in CEAS Aeronautical Journal
  • Operational validation of the OPTAIN-SA Tool. Supporting optimized profile descent approach sequencing into Palma TMA

    Authors: Peter Lubrani, Miguel Angel Pérez Lorenzo, Alexander Dorta Fumero and Manuel Villegas Díaz  
  • A Fast and Flexible Aircraft Trajectory Predictor and Optimiser for ATM Research Applications

    Authors: Ramon Dalmau, Marc Melgosa, Santi Vilardaga and Xavier Prats  
  • Dynamically Optimized Aircraft Trajectories Affecting the Air Traffic Management

    Authors: Martin Lindner, Judith Rosenow and Hartmut Fricke  
    As published in CEAS Aeronautical Journal
  • Aggregate Multi-commodity Stochastic Models for Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP)

    Authors: Guodong Zhu, Peng Wei, Robert Hoffman and Bert Hackney  
  • Integrated Optimization of Arrival, Departure, and Surface Operations

    Authors: Ji Ma, Daniel Delahaye, Mohammed Sbihi and Paolo Scala  
  • Predicting Aircraft Trajectory Choice – A Nominal Route Approach

    Authors: Yulin Liu, Mark Hansen, David Lovell and Michael Ball  
Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Autonomous On-Demand Free Flight Operations in Urban Air Mobility using Monte Carlo Tree Search

    Author: Xuxi Yang and Peng Wei  
  • Autonomous Aircraft Sequencing and Separation with Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Author: Marc Brittain and Peng Wei  
  • Dynamic Collision Avoidance using Local Cooperative Airplanes Decisions

    Authors: Augustin Degas, Elsy Kaddoum, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Françoise Adreit and Arcady Rantrua  
    As published in CEAS Aeronautical Journal
  • Centralized and Distributed UTM in Layered Airspace

    Author: Leonid Sedov and Valentin Polishchuk  
  • Detect and Avoid Algorithm for UAS with 3D-Maneuvers

    Authors: Richard Alligier, Cyril Allignol, Nicolas Barnier, Nicolas Durand and Ruixin Wang