ICRAT 7th International Conference

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  • Autonomous UAS Research

    Authors: C.J Taylor, University of Pennsylvania  
  • ATC In The Present/Future

    Authors: Eric Silverman, Manager ATC/Airfield Operations:PHL/NY & NE Region Airport Operations at PHL American Airlines  
  • Quantitative Risk Management

    Authors: Captain Manfred Müller, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Flight Safety Department FRA CF/J  


  • Human Performance Measurement

    Author: Brian Hilburn (CHPR)  
  • Human–in–the–Loop Simulation

    Author: Michael Schultz (DLR)  
  • Aircraft Performance Models in ATM Simulation

    Author: Jacco Hoekstra (TU Delft)  
  • Drone Human Factors

    Authors: Dale Richards (Coventry University, UK)  
  • Application of Fast–time Computer Modeling for ATM Systems

    Authors: Mike Paglione, Albert Schwartz, Christina Young, Jessica Young, Marie Kee (FAA)  
  • Quantitative Performance Assessment Studies in Air Transportation: Portable Brain Activity Monitoring Technology

    Author: Kurtulus Izzetoglu (Drexel)  
  • Mathematical Optimization with Applications to ATM

    Author: Daniel Delahaye (ENAC)  

Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Trajectory Optimization
  • Assessment of the feasible CTA windows for efficient spacing with energy–neutral CDO

    Author: Ramon Dalmau and Xavier Prats  
  • Effects of speed reduction in climb, cruise and descent phases to generate linear holding at no extra fuel cost

    Authors: Yan Xu, Ramon Dalmau and Xavier Prats  
  • Potential Operational Benefits of Multi-layer Point Merge System on Dense TMA Operation

    Authors: Man Liang, Daniel Delahaye and Pierre Marechal  
  • Modelling Flexible Thrust Performance for Trajectory Prediction Applications in ATM

    Authors: Ismael Matamoros, Xavier Prats, Javier López Leonés, Enrique Casado, Miguel Vilaplana, Vincent Mouillet, Angela Nuic, and Laurent Cavadini  
  • Generating Arrival Routes with Radius–to–Fix Functionalities

    Author: Valentin Polishchuk  
  • ATM Performance analysis in Madrid ACC sectors considering optimal aircraft trajectories

    Author: Guillermo Orenga and Manuel Soler  
Advanced Modeling
  • Phase changes in delay propagation networks

    Author: Seddik Belkoura and Massimiliano Zanin  
  • Nonlinear Dynamics Approach for Modeling of Air Traffic Performance Disruption and Recovery

    Authors: Norbert Fürstenau, Monika Mittendorf and Shumpei Kamo  
  • Utilizing schedule buffers to reduce propagated delay: A new approach for tactical Air Traffic Flow Management slot allocation

    Authors: Nikola Ivanov, Fedja Netjasov and Radosav Jovanovic  
  • Uncertainty Limits for an Aircraft Based Runway Friction Assessment Method

    Author: Angela Campbell and Andrew Cheng  
  • Large–Scale Flight Phase Identification from ADS–B Data Using Machine Learning Methods

    Authors: Junzi Sun, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Modeling and Estimating Airspace Movements Using Air Traffic Control Transcription Data: A Data–Driven Approach

    Author: Max Li and Megan Ryerson  
System Performance
  • Deconstructing Delay Dynamics: An air traffic network example

    Authors: Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Hamsa Balakrishnan and Richard Jordan  
  • High performance computing simulator for the performance assessment of trajectory based operations

    Authors: Leonardo Camargo Forero, Ramon Dalmau, Sergio Ruiz and Xavier Prats  
  • Performance Benchmarking in Interdependent ATM Systems: Integration of Analytical and Process Oriented Performance Benchmarking Schemes in Complex ATM Systems

    Authors: Stefan Reitmann, Alexander Gillissen and Michael Schultz  
Complexity & Information
  • Phase of Flight and Rule of Flight Calculator

    Authors: Charles Johnson, Adrian Rusu, Anthony Breitzman, John Bucknam and Nicholas Laposta  
  • SAGA: Safety Analysis in General Aviation – Leveraging Digital Flight Data towards the Development of a Flight Performance Database Tool to improve General Aviation Safe

    Authors: Josh Schimmel, Shawn Pruchnicki, Phil Smith and Seth Young  
Decision Support
  • Transition Steps to Orthogonal Unidirectional Air Traffic Controller Monitoring Display

    Author: Oliver Ohneiser  
  • Detect and Avoid, UAV Integration in the Lower Airspace Traffic

    Authors: Cyril Allignol, Nicolas Barnier, Nicolas Durand and Éric Blond  
  • A Variable Neighborhood Search approach for the aircraft conflict resolution problem

    Authors: Antonio Alonso–Ayuso, Laureano F. Escudero, F. Javier Martin–Campo and Nenad Mladenovic  
  • Identifying Representative Traffic Management Initiatives

    Author: Alexander Estes and David Lovell  
Economics & Politics
  • Estimating Costs of Flight Delay to Air Cargo Carriers

    Authors: Yulin Liu, Mogeng Yin and Mark Hansen  
  • Estimating the Long–Run Effects of Resource Allocation Mechanisms

    Author: Kleoniki Vlachou and David Lovell  
  • Free Routing Airspace in Europe: Implementation concepts and benefits for airspace users

    Author: Lennert Bentrup and Max Hoffmann  
  • Implementing Dynamic Air Transport Slot Trading Through Secure Auction Mechanism

    Authors: Emre Koyuncu, Baris Baspinar, Guney Guner, N. Kemal Ãœre, Massimiliano Zanin, Vaishali Mirchandani, Emilio Alvarez Pereira and Gokhan Inalhan  
Safety & Human Performance
  • BlueSky ATC Simulator Project: an Open Data and Open Source Approach

    Author: Jacco Hoekstra and Joost Ellerbroek  
  • Application of Common Cause Failure Methodology to Aviation Safety Assessment Model

    Author: Seungwon Noh and John Shortle  
  • Improving the Nowcast of Unstable Approaches

    Authors: Zhenming Wang, Lance Sherry and John Shortle  
  • Runway Centerline Deviation Estimation from Point Clouds using LiDAR Imagery

    Authors: Zoltan Koppanyi, Charles K. Toth and Seth Young  
  • Weather Technology in the Cockpit: Analysis of Pilot Decision Making

    Authors: Brandon Lundeen, Shawn Pruchnicki and Seth Young  
  • How Do Layered Airspace Design Parameters Affect Airspace Capacity and Safety?

    Authors: Jacco Hoekstra, Jerom Maas, Martijn Tra and Emmanuel Sunil  
Network Management
  • Wind and Temperature Networking Applied to Aircraft Trajectory Prediction

    Authors: Karim Legrand, Daniel Delahaye and Christophe Rabut  
  • The Influence of Traffic Structure on Airspace Capacity

    Authors: Emmanuel Sunil, Jacco Hoekstra, Joost Ellerbroek, Frank Bussink, Andrija Vidosavljevic, Daniel Delahaye and Dennis Nieuwenhuisen  
  • Merging Flows in Terminal Maneuvering Area using Time Decomposition Approach

    Authors: Ji Ma, Daniel Delahaye, Mohammed Sbihi and Marcel Mongeau  
  • Aviation–induced nitrogen oxide emissions and their effect on the energy budget of the Earth–atmosphere system

    Authors: Sabrina Groth, Judith Rosenow and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Probabilistic Analysis of Aircraft Fuel Consumption Using Ensemble Weather Forecasts

    Authors: Damian Rivas, Rafael Vazquez and Antonio Franco  
Airport Design
  • The potential of modern mobile technologies to improve airport operations – A concept for controlling passengers flows

    Authors: Nicolas Bontikous, Franziska Dieke–Meier and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Implications of Autonomous Vehicles to Airport Terminal Planning and Design

    Author: Yu Zhang and Yuan Wang  
  • An Evaluation of Linear Length LED Centerline Taxiway Exit Light Systems

    Authors: Una Blanusa, Seth Young, Shawn Pruchnicki and Brian Strzempkowski  
  • Configuration and Planning of the Remote Tower Modules in a Remote Tower Center

    Authors: Tobias Andersson, Peter Axelsson, Jonas Petersson, Tatiana Polishchuk, Valentin Polishchuk and Christiane Schmidt  
  • Multi–agent Systems for Air Traffic Conflicts Resolution by Local Speed Regulation

    Authors: Romaric Breil, Daniel Delahaye, Laurent Lapasset and Eric Feron  
  • Unmanned Aviation: To Be Free or Not To Be Free?

    Authors: Vishwanath Bulusu, Raja Sengupta and Zhilong Liu  
  • Predicting Aircraft Descent Length with Machine Learning

    Authors: Richard Alligier, David Gianazza and Nicolas Durand  
  • The Effect of Swarming on a Voltage Potential–Based Conflict Resolution Algorithm

    Authors: Jerom Maas, Emmanuel Sunil, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Evaluation of feasible machine learning techniques for predicting the time to fly and aircraft speed profile on final approach

    Authors: Floris Herrema, Richard Curran, Vincent Treve and Dries Visser  
  • Why aircraft will fly more fuel–efficiently on FRIDAY – The FRIDAY route charges method

    Author: René Verbeek  
  • Modeling and Inferring Aircraft Takeoff Mass from Runway ADS–B Data

    Authors: Junzi Sun, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • The Relationship Between Traffic Stability and Capacity for Decentralized Airspace

    Authors: Emmanuel Sunil, Jerom Maas, Joost Ellerbroek, Jacco Hoekstra and Martijn Tra  
  • Attention Distribution and Trust in Higher Levels of Automation within Air Traffic Control

    Author: Åsa Svensson  
  • On the correlations between air traffic and controller's eye movements

    Author: Yanjun Wang  
  • A Case Study: With Public & Private Sector Perceptions, New Ä°stanbul Airport Through PPP

    Author: Emrah Durmaz and Ãœnal Battal  
  • General Aviation Runway Design Evaluation based on Aircraft Deviations from Runway Centerline

    Author: Eunsun Ryu and Seth Young  
  • A Fleet Management Algorithm for Automatic Taxi Operations

    Authors: Giuseppe Sirigu, Manuela Battipede, John–Paul Clarke and Piero Gili  
  • Impact of the Mt. Baekdu explosion to South Korea’s Air Transportation with hypothetical scenario

    Author: Jiseon Lee and Yoonjin Yoon  
  • Airborne–SLAM Approaches as Automation Techniques of Air Transportation

    Authors: Erol Duymaz, Abdullah Ersan Oguz and Hakan Temeltas