ICRAT 6th International Conference

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  • Providing insight on how to apply data science in aviation: Stationarity and metric

    Authors: Massimiliano Zanin & Samuel Cristobal, (Innaxis, Spain)  
  • Planning a Resilient and Scalable Air Transportation System in a Climate-Impacted Future

    Author: Megan Smirti-Ryerson (UPenn)  
  • Tutorial on ATM ↦ Automation

    Authors: Nicolas Suarez, Technical Managarer at CRIDA  
  • Tutorial on ATM & Automation

    Authors: Cristina Gonzalez Rechea, HALA! Management Team  
  • Tutorial on ATM & Automation

    Authors: Philippe Planque, Professor University Toulouse III, France  
  • GDP2: Grand Design Process for a Ground Delay Program

    Authors: Yi Liu (UC Berkeley, USA)  
  • Using complexity science in analyzing safety/capacity of ATM designs PT. 1 Using complexity science in analyzing safety/capacity of ATM designs PT. 1

    Authors: Henk Blom (Delft University of Technology and NLR, Netherlands)  
  • Using complexity science in analyzing safety/capacity of ATM designs PT. 1 Using complexity science in analyzing safety/capacity of ATM designs PT. 2

    Authors: Henk Blom (Delft University of Technology and NLR, Netherlands)  

Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Decision support systems, automation and human machine collaboration
  • Why Controllers Seldom Stick to the Book and How Their Commands are Predictable Nevertheless

    Author: Michael Hössl  
  • Agent-based safety risk analysis of Trajectory Based Operation in the Terminal Manoevring Area

    Author: Rachel Teuwen  
  • Analysis of Time and Cost Benefits of Hybrid Dynamic Gate Assignment for Aircraft Taxi Movements and Gate allocation

    Author: Orhan GÜÇLÜ  
  • RPAS Swarms in Disaster Management Missions

    Author: Julia Zillies  
  • Feasibility of traffic prognosis for an Airport Operation Centre

    Author: Anne Papenfuss  
  • Display of Trajectory Predictions Using Uncertainty Visualization Methods

    Author: Giuseppe Frau  
  • Strategic Conformance: An Important Concept In Future Automation Design?

    Author: Brian Hilburn  
  • Analysis of the Impact of Intent Uncertainty on the Accuracy of Predicted Trajectories for Arrival Management Automation

    Author: enrique casado  
  • Case study: Analyzing influences on traffic scenario difficulties for human-in-the-loop simulations

    Author: Nancy Bienert  
  • Flight Crew Assistance Functionality Concept for Commercial Aircraft

    Author: Keyvan Bayram  
  • Integrated Flight Deck Testbed with Next Generation Visual Decision Support Tools

    Author: Emre KOYUNCU  
  • TPAS: Test-bed Platform for ATM Studies

    Author: Sergio Ruiz  
  • Evaluation of a display for airborne separation in safety-critical situations

    Author: Marcus Arenius  
Air transportation governance, economics and policy
  • Evaluating the efficiency of market liberalisation in the field of air navigation support services

    Author: Nikolina Mileva  
  • Pricing techniques for the European airspace

    Author: Desiree Rigonat  
  • The Potential of Turboprops to Reduce Fuel Consumption in the Chinese Aviation System

    Author: Megan Ryerson  
  • Exchanging values of unsold seats with airline alliance partners in a competitive environment

    Author: Alyona Michel  
Trajectory optimization and trajectory and separation management
  • Optimization of ATM Scenarios Considering Overall and Single Costs

    Author: Matthias Bittner  
  • Machine Learning Model for Aircraft Performances

    Author: Marko Hrastovec  
  • Analysis of Wind-Shear Effects on Optimal Aircraft Cruise

    Author: Damian Rivas  
  • A Study on Trajectory Optimization for the Terminal Area

    Author: Daichi Toratani  
  • Predicting the future location of a General Aviation aircraft

    Author: Joram Verstraeten  
  • Conflict free trajectory optimisation for complex departure procedures

    Author: Santi Vilardaga  
  • A Numerical Framework and Benchmark Case study for Muti-modal Fuel Efficient Aircraft Conflict Avoidance

    Author: Manuel Soler  
  • Uncertainty Assessment for ETA prediction towards 4D Trajectory Operation

    Author: Alexander Schwithal  
Airport design, management and operations
  • Airport apron roundabout intersection - operational concept and capacity evaluation

    Author: Bojana Mirkovic  
  • Optimal Metering Policies for Optimized Profile Descent Operations at Airports

    Author: Heng Chen  
  • Agent-based simulation framework for airport collaborative decision making

    Author: Ivan Garcia Vasco  
  • Influence of Airport Operations Management on Traffic Complexity and Efficiency

    Author: Tatjana Krstic Simic  
  • Turnaround prediction concept: proofing and control options by microsocopic process modelling

    Author: Bernd Oreschko  
Automation strategies and application of successful automation techniques
  • Classification of Air Traffic Controller Utterance Transcripts via Warm-Start Non-Negative Matrix Factorization

    Author: Marco Enriquez  
  • Automatic Collision Avoidance System based on Geometric Approach applied to Multiple Aircraft

    Author: Paulo Machado  
  • Hybrid Modelling and Automation of Air Traffic Controller Decision Process : Separation Assurance

    Author: Baris Baspinar  
  • LiDAR Performance Requirements and Optimized Sensor Positioning for Point Cloud-based Risk Mitigation at Airport Aprons

    Author: Johannes Mund  
Network management, and traffic flow optimization
  • Tradable Mobility Permits for the Strategic Allocation of Air Traffic

    Author: Luca Corolli  
  • Interactions between Operations and Planning in Air Traffic Control

    Author: Thibault Lehouillier  
  • Quantifying Trajectory Uncertainty Using a Sensitivity-Based Complexity Metric Component

    Author: Leif Walter  
  • A linear programming approach to maximum flow estimation on the European air traffic network

    Author: Kuang-Chang Pien  
  • An Equitable Approach for Tranfering Terminal Delay with En Route Speed Control

    Author: James Jones  
  • Real-Time Integrated Airport Surface Operations Management

    Author: Yu Zhang  
Advanced Modeling and design
  • A traceable automatic flight state evaluation

    Author: Lutz Bretschneider  
  • An Algorithm for TMA Entrance Point Multiplicity

    Author: Fulya Aybek  
  • Optimization of Arrival and Departure Routes in Terminal Maneuvering Area

    Author: Jun ZHOU  
  • Comparison of Two Ground-based Mass Estimation Methods on Real Data

    Author: Richard Alligier  
  • Airspace Network Characterization for Effect of Intermediate Waypoints on Collision Risk Assesmnet

    Author: Sameer Alam  
  • Analysis of Transferring Air Traffic from Radar to Non-Radar Airspaces

    Author: Emre AYDOGAN  
  • Assessing ATM performance interdependencies through Bayesian Networks

    Author: Andrea Ranieri  
  • Assessing Terminal Weather Forecast Similarity for Strategic Air Traffic Management

    Author: Yi Liu  
Information management, enhanced communication, surveillance and navigation
  • SO6C: Compressed Trajectories in Air Traffic Management

    Author: Sebastian Wandelt  
  • Total Sytem Error Performance During Precision Approaches

    Author: Robert Geister  
  • Principles for Increased Resilience in Critical Networked Infrastructures

    Author: Kyle White  
Safety, security and human performance
  • Quantification of Incident Probabilities Using Physical and Statistical Approaches

    Author: Chong Wang  
  • The DORATHEA Methodology for ATM Security Risk Assessment

    Author: André Rocha  
  • Determining the Risk of Experiencing Severe Turbulence when Flying through an Exhaust Plume

    Author: David Gouldey  
  • Eye-data metrics to characterize tower controllers' visual attention in a Multipe Remote Tower Exercise

    Author: Christoph Moehlenbrink  
  • Incident Analysis of Airspace Infringements in the European airspace

    Author: Elena&nbsnbspPsyllou  
  • The Automatic Identification of Unstable Approaches from Flight Data

    Author: Robert de Boer  
Air transportation system performance measurement and management
  • Relationship between Workload and Duration of ATC Voice Communications

    Author: Natalia Rodríguez Uclés  
  • Topological Properties of the Air Navigation Route System using Complex Network Theory

    Author: xiaoqian Sun  
  • data-driven modelling of the Tree of Reactionary Delays

    Author: Izaro Etxebarria  
  • Impact of trajectory restrictions onto fuel and time-related cost efficiency

    Author: Thomas Günther  
Environment and energy efficiency, climate change and impact
  • Evaluation Analysis of Seasonal GPV Meteorological Data with SSR Mode S Surveillance Data

    Author: Sadanari Shigetomi  
  • How much fuel can be saved in a perfect flight?

    Author: Ramon Codina  
  • Method for the Improvement of Aircraft Trajectory Simulation using Analysis of Variability

    Author: George Koudis  
  • Analysis of Aircraft Fuel Burn and Emissions in the Landing and Take Off Cycle using Operational Data

    Author: Yashovardhan Sushil Chati  
Socio-technical complexity and applications of data science
  • A Dynamic Bayesian Belief Network Approach for Modelling the ATM Network Delays

    Author: Yigit Kaya  
  • Evaluating the Efficiency of Functional Airspace Blocks

    Author: Paula MARK  
Airline operations and quality of service