ICRAT 5th International Conference

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  • Instrument Flight Procedures

    Author: Xavier Prats (Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya)  
  • Robust Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Generation

    Author: Panagiotis Tsiotras (Georgia Tech)  
  • Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuels

    Author: Nate Brown  
  • ATM and Airlines' Operations in Volcanic Ash

    Author: Tatjana Bolic  

Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Advanced Modeling
  • A Network Based Model for Predicting Air Traffic Delays

    Author: Juan Jose Rebollo de la Bandera  
  • Time and Energy Management during Descent and Approach for Aircraft

    Author: Paul de Jong  
  • Energy Rate Prediction Using an Equivalent Thrust Setting Profile

    Author: Richard Alligier  
  • Automated 4D Descent Path Optimization using the Enhanced Trajectory Prediction Model (ETPM)

    Author: Michael Schultz  
  • Automating Air Traffic Control through Nonlinear Programming

    Author: Jeremy Omer  
  • A Study of Airport Congestion at JFK and EWR

    Author: Alexandre Jacquillat  
  • Estimation of Flight Delay Propagation of the Regional Airport Systems in the U.S.

    Author: Yu Zhang  
  • Using Dynamic Airspace Configuration in the Terminal Area to Enable Optimal Profile Descents

    Author: Andrew Churchill  
  • Optimization of aircraft trajectories in North Atlantic oceanic airspace

    Author: Olga Rodionova  
  • Algorithms for Dynamic Resequencing of En Route Flights to Relieve Terminal Congestion

    Author: James Jones  
  • Ration-by-Weight of Efficiency and Equity

    Author: Carina Wang  
Air Transport Economics and Policy
  • Moving passengers by air: at low fare

    Author: Benedikt Badanik  
  • Self-financing modulation of air navigation charges to incentivise a more efficient use of airspace capacity

    Author: Radosav Jovanovic  
  • Performance Trades and Cost Optimization in Ground Delay Programs: Single Airport Case

    Author: Yi Liu  
  • Modeling Aircraft Performance: A Comparison of PIANO and Airline Fuel Consumption

    Author: Amber Woodburn  
Airline Operations, Quality of Service and Marketing
  • Where to Launch A New Passenger Air Route Between China and The U.S.

    Author: Yu Zhang  
  • Airline Alliances: Effects on Total Revenues of Sharing Estimated Network Value of Unsold Seats

    Author: Alyona Michel  
  • Flight Cancellation Behavior and Delay Savings

    Author: Michael Seelhorst  
  • Real World Turboprop Market Viability: New Turboprop Markets for Alaska Airlines

    Author: Andrew Campbell  
Airport Design and Ops
  • Design, Testing and Evaluation of a Pushback Rate Control Strategy

    Author: Ioannis Simaiakis  
  • Using the entropy of multi-aircraft departure time distributions to predict temporal deviations from on-time departure performance

    Author: Christoph Moehlenbrink  
  • Turnaround Prediction with Stochastic Process Times and Airport specific Delay Pattern

    Author: Bernd Oreschko  
CNS/ATM Decision Support Tools
  • Evaluation of Algorithms for a Miles-in-Trail Decision Support Tool

    Author: Michael Bloem  
  • Optimized Flight Level Allocation at the Continental Scale

    Author: Cyril Allignol  
  • ATFM Airborne Delays Without Extra Fuel Consumption in Wind Conditions

    Author: Luis Delgado  
  • The Impact of Uncertain Departure Delays on Flight Flexibility

    Author: Luca Corolli  
  • Evaluation of separation strategies for Unmanned Aerial Systems

    Author: Marc Parez-Batlle  
  • Assessing the impact of a speed regulation based conflict resolution algorithm on air traffic flow

    Author: David Rey  
Doctoral Session
  • Delay Analysis for the RNAV Approach Procedure at Istanbul Yesilkoy TMA Using SIMMOD

    Author: Fulya Aybek  
  • Got Game? Is 3D the future or a blast from the past?

    Author: Wayne Young  
  • A contribution to the analysis of an ANSP based on System Dynamics

    Author: Michael Kreuz  
  • ATM and Volcanic Ash: An advanced approach to the adversely event

    Author: Ruzica Vujasinovic  
  • Formal Modeling of Trajectory Prediction Uncertainty for future Trajectory Based Operations

    Author: Enrique Casado  
  • Air transportation network robustness optimization under limited legs itinerary constraint

    Author: Harsha Nagarajan  
  • The spatial differentiation of air freight demand in Germany

    Author: Stephan Horn  
  • Capacity Estimation for the Single European Sky

    Author: Gonzalo Tobaruela  
Environment and Weather
  • Modeling Contrail life cycles based on highly precise flight profile data of modern aircraft

    Author: Judith Rosenow  
  • Validating Aircraft Performance Models with Airline Data

    Author: Megan Ryerson  
  • Optimal 4-D Aircraft Trajectories in a Contrail Sensitive Environment

    Author: Gurkaran Buxi  
  • Value of better weather information in the probabilistic air traffic flow management: an application of the geometric recourse model (GRM)

    Author: Yoonjin Yoon  
Future Concepts and Innovative Ideas in Air Transport
  • A Simple and Robust Flow Detection Algorithm Based on Spectral Clustering

    Author: Marco Enriquez  
  • Effects of Primary TIS-B on the General Aviation Pilot: A Human-in-the-Loop Simulation

    Author: Gregory Orrell  
Human Performance, Safety, and Security
  • An analysis of mental workload and psychological stress in pilots during actual flight using heart rate and subjective measurements

    Author: Mickael Causse  
  • Conditional reduction of ICAO wake turbulence separation minima on final approach

    Author: Nicolas Bourgeois  
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Potential Wake Encounters to Stochastic Flight-Track Parameters

    Author: Zhenming Wang  
  • Computational Efficient Conflict Detection and Resolution through Spatial Data Structures

    Author: Sergio Ruiz  
  • Benchmarking Conflict Resolution Algorithms

    Author: Charlie Vanaret  
  • Assessing the quality of aviation safety databases: An external data validation framework

    Author: Sabine Wilke  
  • Estimation of Potential Conflict Rates as a function of Sector Loading

    Author: Akshay Belle  
  • Simulative Assessment of Reduced Lateral Separation Minima for the Terminal Airspace

    Author: Markus Vogel  
  • Adapting Enroute ATM Complexity Metrics for Terminal Airspace Safety Assessments - Factor and correlation analyses based on radar data of a European hub airport

    Author: Kati Schelbert  
  • The management of separation-related incidents by air traffic control

    Author: Marie-Dominique Dupuy  
  • Risk-capacity tradeoff analysis of en-route corrdors model

    Author: Bojia Ye  
  • Safety Monitoring of New Implemented Approach Procedures by Means of Radar Data Analysis

    Author: Christoph Thiel  
Socio-Economic-Institutional Challenges and Socio-Technical Complexity in Air Transport
  • Methodology for Assessing Tradeoffs between Operational and Environmental Performance in the National Airspace System

    Author: Anuja Mahashabde  
  • Service Expectations Setting in Air Traffic Flow Management: A Consensus-Building Mechanism

    Author: Prem Swaroop  
  • Airline perspective on future automation performance

    Author: Pernilla Ulfvengren  
  • New York, New York: Two Ways of Estimating the Delay Impact of New York Airports

    Author: Lu Hao  
  • The Effects of User Competition in Air Traffic Management Initiatives

    Author: Amy Kim