ICRAT 4th International Conference

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  • A3 Concept of Operations Overview

    Author: Petr Casek  
  • Airborne self separation in air transportation

    Author: Maria Prandini  
  • Overview Airborne Separation Assurance: Issues and research questions

    Author: TUDelft  
  • Airspace Integration Alternatives for Unmanned Aircraft

    Authors: Andrew Lacher, Andrew Zeitlin, David Maroney, Kelly Markin, Duane Ludwig, and Joe Boyd  
  • Concept for System Wide Trajectory Based Operations w/ Self-Separation

    Author: William B Cotton and David Wing  
  • Conflict resolution in autonomous aircraft operations

    Author: John Lygeros  
  • European Operational Concept Validation Methodology

    Author: EUROCONTROL  
  • Flight-deck Technology for Trajectory-Based Self-Separation Overview

    Author: Frank Bussink and David Wing  
  • Mid term conflict resolution: A Model Predictive Control Approach

    Author: Andrew Lacher  
  • Tutorial Session on Airborne Self Separation in Air Transportation

    Author: European Commission project iFly  
  • Short term conflict resolution: A navigation function approach

    Author: Giannis Roussos  
  • Simulated collision risk of uncoordinated airborne self separation

    Author: Henk Blom  
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Challenges and Opportunities in Civil Airspace

    Author: Andrew Lacher  

Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Advanced Modeling
  • A Diffusion Approximation to a Single Airport Queue

    Author: David Lovell and Kleoniki Vlachou  
  • Analyzing and Decomposing Taxi Times and Predicting Taxi out Times

    Authors: Yu Zhang, Arjun Chauhan and Xing Chen  
  • Applying Economy-wide Modeling to NextGen Benefits Analysis

    Authors: Dr. Katherine Harback, Dr. Leonard Wojcik, Jr, Dr. Michael B. Callaham, Dr. Shane Martin, Simon Tsao, and Jon Drexler  
  • Data Driven Modeling for the Simulation of Converging Runway Operations

    Author: Adric Eckstein  
  • Fair Slot Allocation of Airspace Resources Based on Dual Values for Slots

    Author: Nasim Vakili Pourtaklo and Michael Ball  
  • Game Equilibrium Analysis on an Auctioning Method for Airport Congesting Resource Allocation

    Author: Liu Fangqin and Hu Minghua  
  • Impact of Lightning Strikes on National Airspace System (NAS) Outages

    Author: Aurelien Vidal and Jasenka Rakas  
  • Ontology and Rules for International Airspace Security

    Author: Renato D.Henriques  
  • Optimal Route Decision with Weather Risk Hedging using a Geometric Model

    Authors: Yoonjin Yoon, Mark Hansen and Michael O.Ball  
  • Queueing Models for Operations in NextGen

    Author: Tasos Nikoleris and Mark Hansen  
  • A TMA 4DT CD/CR causal model based in path shortening/path stretching techniques

    Authors: Zuniga C.A., Piera M.A.and Ruiz S  
  • Tracking Failures in the Air Traffic System: A model Based on Physical and Functional Decompositions

    Authors: Maxime Gariel, Erwan Salaun, and Eric Feron  
Airline Operations and Marketing
  • Estimating Domestic U.S. Airline Cost of Delay based on European Model

    Authors: Abdul Qadar Kara, John Ferguson, Karla Hoffman and Lance Sherry  
  • The responses of traditional airlines to low cost airlines

    Author: Panarat Srisaeng  
Airport Design and Operations
  • Airport Ground Access and Egress Passenger Flow Model (AGAP)

    Authors: Dr. Milan Stefanik, Dr. Benedikt Badanik and Martin Matas  
  • The airport ground movement problem: past and current research and future directions

    Authors: Jason A. D. Atkin, Edmund K. Burke, Stefan Ravizza  
  • Iterative Planning of Airport Ground Movements

    Author: Charles Lesire  
  • Modeling of Aircraft Surface Traffic Flow at Congested Airport Using Cellular Automata

    Author: Ryota Mori  
  • Operational Evaluation of an Airport Centered Flow Management

    Authors: Eike Rehwald, Peter Hecker and Rainer Kaufhold  
  • Potential of Dynamic Aircraft to Runway Allocation for Parallel Runways

    Authors: Martin Fritzsche, Thomas Günther and Hartmut Fricke  
Airport Design and Operationsg
  • Door-to-Gate Air Passenger Flow Model

    Authors: Martin Matas, Milan Stefanik, PhD and Sandra Krollova, PhD  
  • The Air Traffic Flow Management Problem with Time Windows

    Authors: Luca Corolli, Lorenzo Castelli and Guglielmo Lulli  
  • An Analysis of Delays in Air Transport in Japan

    Author: Kota Kageyama and Yutaka Fukuda  
  • Study on Conflict Detection Method with Downlink Aircraft Parameters

    Author: Atsushi Senoguchi and Yutaka Fukuda  
  • En Route Air Traffic Control Input Devices for the Next Generation

    Author: Matthew J. Mainini  
  • Enhanced Wind Magnitude and Bearing Prediction

    Authors: Petr Krupansky, Tomas Neuzil, Eva Gelnarova, Jiri Svoboda, Petr Mejzlík and Martin Herodes  
  • Flight Profile Variations due to the Spreading Practice of Cost Index Based Flight Planning

    Authors: Wilhelm Rumler, Thomas Gunther, Hartmut Fricke and Urban Weißhaar  
  • A new method for generating optimal conflict free 4D trajectory

    Authors: Nour Dougui, Daniel Delahaye, Stephane Puechmorel and Marcel Mongeau  
  • Radar cross section generation of the possible noncooperative targets

    Author: Rudolf Palme  
  • Resource Allocation in Flow-Constrained Areas with Stochastic Termination Times And Deterministic Movement

    Authors: Moein Ganji, David J. Lovell and Michael O. Ball  
  • Stochastic Integer Programming Models for Ground Delay Programs with Weather Uncertainty

    Author: Charles N. Glover and Michael O. Ball  

    Author: Maricel Medina and Lance Sherry  
  • Trajectory Prediction by Functional Regression in Sobolev Space

    Authors: K. Tastambekov, S. Puechmorel, D. Delahaye, C. Rabut  
Decision Support Tools
  • An advanced particle filtering algorithm for improving conflict detection in Air Traffic Control

    Authors: Ioannis Lymperopoulos, Georgios Chaloulos and John Lygeros  
  • A Stochastic Model for Air Traffic Control Radio Channel Utilization

    Authors: Vlad Popescu, Henri Augris and Karen Feigh  
  • Estimation and Comparison of the Impact of Single Airport Delay to the National Airspace System using Multivariate Simultaneous Models

    Authors: Yu Zhang, Nagesh Nayak and Tony Diana  
  • Impact of US Airline Network Topology on Air Transportation Efficiency

    Authors: Tatsuya Kotegawa, Donald Fry, Ethan Puchaty, Daniel DeLaurentis  
Environmental and Weather
  • Throughput/Complexity Tradeoffs for Routing Traffic in the Presence of Dynamic Weather

    Authors: Jimmy Krozel, Joseph S.B. Mitchell, Anne Paakko and Valentin Polishchuk  
  • Contribution of European Aviation on the Air Quality of the Mediterranean Region: A modeling study

    Authors: J. Kushta, S. Solomos and G. Kallos  
  • Generating Day-of-Operation Probabilistic Capacity Profiles from Weather Forecasts

    Author: Mark Hansen and Gurkaran Singh Buxi  
Future Concepts and Innovative Ideas
  • High-fidelity human-in-the-loop simulations as one step towards remote control of regional airports

    Authors: C. Mohlenbrink, M. Friedrich, A. Papenfub, M. Rudolph, M. Schmidt, F. Morlang and N. Furstenau  
  • Investigating String Stability of a Time-History Control Law for Airborne Spacing

    Author: Lesley A. Weitz  
  • Collaborative Rerouting in the Airspace Flow Program

    Author: Amy M. Kim and Mark Hansen  
  • Dynamic Allocation and Benefit Assessment of NextGen Flow Corridors

    Authors: Arash Yousefi, Ali N. Zadeh and Ali Tafazzoli  
  • Coordinating multiple traffic management initiatives with integer optimization

    Authors: Andrew M. Churchill, David J. Lovell and Michael O. Ball  
  • An optimisation framework for aircraft operators dealing with capacity-demand imbalances in SESAR

    Author: Luıs Delgado and Xavier Prats  
  • Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Enroute Traffic in NAS

    Author: Vivek Kumar and Lance Sherry  
  • Estimation of Potential Conflict Rates as a function of Sector Loading

    Author: Akshay Belle  
Human Factors
  • Economic issues provokes hazardous landing decision-making by enhancing the activity of "emotional" neural pathways

    Authors: Mickael Causse, Frederic Dehais, Patrice Peran, Umberto Sabatini and Josette Pastor  
  • Empirical Analysis of Air Traffic Controller Dynamics

    Authors: Yanjun Wang, Minghua Hu and Vu Duong  
  • Flight experience and executive functions predict flight simulator performance in general aviation pilots

    Authors: Mickaël Causse, Frederic Dehais and Josette Pastor  
  • An automatic generation of metro-like maps to display Flight Routes for Air Traffic Controllers: structure and color optimization

    Authors: Christophe Hurter, Mathieu Serrurie and Roland Alonso  
  • A participatory design for the visualization of airspace configuration forecasts

    Authors: Nicolas Saporito, Christophe Hurter, David Gianazz, Geraldine Beboux  
  • Predicting Controller Communication Time for Capacity Estimation

    Authors: Adan Vela, Erwan Salaun, Pierrick Burgain, John-Paul Clarke, Karen Feigh, Eric Feron, William Singhose and Senay Solak  
Prospective Studies and Economics
  • What kind of aviation infrastructure privatization is needed in China?

    Author: Wei Lu and Matthias Finger  
  • Capturing the Impact of Fuel Price on Jet Aircraft Operating Costs with Engineering and Econometric Models

    Author: Megan Smirti Ryerson and Mark Hansen  
  • En route charges for ANSP revenue maximization

    Authors: Alessia Violin, Martine Labbe and Lorenzo Castelli  
Safety and Security
  • Bayesian Analysis of Accident Rate, Trend and Uncertainty in Commercial Aviation

    Author: Edwin A. Bloem and Henk A.P. Blom  
  • Stochastically and Dynamically Coloured Petri Net Model of ACAS Operations

    Authors: Fedja Netjasov, Andrija Vidosavljevic, Vojin Tosic, Mariken Everdij and Henk Blom  
  • A quantitative Safety Assessment Tool based on Aircraft Actual Navigation Performance

    Authors: Markus Vogel, Christoph Thiel and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Study of safety validation needs and approaches implied by SESAR

    Authors: Jelmer J. Scholte, Henk A.P. Blom and Alberto Pasquini  
  • Collision risk on final approach - a radar data based evaluation method to assess safety

    Author: Christoph Thiel and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Comparison of Arrival Tracks at Different Airports

    Author: Yimin Zhang and John Shortle  
  • Stochastic validation of ATM procedures by abstraction algorithms

    Authors: Maria D. Di Benedetto, G. Di Matteo and A. D'Innocenzo