ICRAT 3rd International Conference

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Accepted Papers

  • Passenger trip delays in the U.S. Airline Transportation System in 2007

    Authors: Guillermo Calderon-Meza, Lance Sherry,George Donohue  
  • Constructing a Passenger Trip Delay Metric

    Authors: Shin-Lai Tien, Michael Ball  
  • Filtering and Aggregation Schemes for Delay Model Calibration

    Authors: Andrew M. Churchill, Kleoniki Vlachou and David J. Lovell  
  • Impact of Ground Delay Program (GDP) Rationing Rules on Passenger and Airline Equity

    Author: Bengi Manley and Lance Sherry  
  • Passenger Flow Simulation In A Complex Networked Transportation System

    Authors: Danyi Wang, Lance Sherry, George Donohue and Bert Hackney  
  • Modeling Stochastic Evolution of Runway Capacity using Data Mining Concepts

    Author: Yoonjin Yoon and Mark Hansen  
  • Deconstructing Delay: A Case Study of Demand and Throughput at the New York Airports

    Author: Amy Kim and Mark Hansen  
  • Propagation of Airspace Congestion: An Exploratory Correlation Analysis

    Authors: Claus Gwiggner, Kota Kageyama and Sakae Nagaoka  
  • Smoothed traffic complexity metrics for airspace configuration schedules

    Author: David Gianazza  
  • Network Restructuring Models for Improved ATS Forecasts

    Authors: Daniel A. DeLaurentis, Tatsuya Kotegawa and Aaron Sengstacken  
  • Resource Allocation in Flow-Constrained Areas with Stochastic Termination Times

    Authors: Andrew M. Churchill, Kleoniki Vlachou and David J. Lovell  
  • Trajectory Prediction : a Functional Regression Approach

    Authors: S. Puechmorel, D. Delahaye and L. Boussouf  
  • The robust flight level assignment problem

    Author: Olivier Klopfenstein and Dritan Nace  
  • Stochastic Airspace Demand for Strategic Traffic Flow Management

    Author: Jeff Henderson and Antonio Trani  
  • Modeling the Operational Impact of Air Traffic Control Automation Tools

    Authors: Megan Smirti, Mark Hansen and Xing Chen  
  • Filtering and Aggregation Schemes for Delay Model Calibration

    Authors: Andrew M. Churchill, Kleoniki Vlachou and David J. Lovell  
  • Limitations of Subliminal Control in Air Traffic Management

    Author: Georgios Chaloulos and John Lygeros  
  • Distribution of Longitudinal Speed Prediction Error of ADS-C System

    Author: Masato Fujita  
  • Three-Degree Decelerating Approaches in Arrival Streams

    Authors: Arjen de Leege, Max Mulder, Alexander in't Veld and Rene van Paassen  
  • Separation Minima Standards: Research of Current Applicable Minima Laid Down and Foundations

    Author: Daniel Mosquera Benitez and Gustavo Cuevas Angulo  
  • A Review of the Research on Risk and Safety Modelling in Civil Aviation

    Author: Fedja Netjasov and Milan Janic  
  • Accident Risk Analysis Benchmarking Monte Carlo Simulation versus Event Sequences

    Authors: Henk A.P. Blom, Sybert H. Stroeve, Jelmer J. Scholte and Hans H. de Jong  
  • Analyzing Relationships Between Aircraft Accidents and Incidents

    Authors: Zohreh Nazer, George Donohue and Lance Sherry  
  • ATC Complexity as Workload and Safety Driver

    Authors: Jelena Djokic, Bernd Lorenz and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Assessment of local aircraft crash risk

    Author: Christoph Thiel and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Hybrid System Framework for the Safety Modelling of the In Trail Procedure

    Author: Marco Colageo and Antonio Di Francesco  
  • Proactive, Reactive, and Interactive Risk Assessment and Management of URET Implementation in Air Route Traffic Control Centers

    Authors: Grace Uang, Jasenka Rakas and Tatjana Bolic  
  • Decision Support Tool for Predicting Aircraft Arrival Rates, Ground Delay Programs, and Airport Delays from Weather Forecasts

    Author: David A. Smith and Lance Sherry  
  • Pilot Support for Flying Curved Decelerating Approaches in Realistic Wind Conditions

    Authors: Alexander in t Veld, Rob Groenouwe, Max Mulder and Rene van Paassen  
  • Developing a decision-support-tool for an air taxi service

    Author: Peter A. Sengers and Stefaan S.A.Ghijs  
  • Route Preliminary Demand Forecast Model

    Author: Nicolaas H. Elferink and Stefaan S. Ghijs  
  • An Infovis approach to compare ATC comets

    Authors: Christophe Hurter, Vincent Kapp and Stephane Conversy  
  • Functional Analysis of Human-Human Interactions during Collaborative Decision Making in Flight Operation

    Authors: Matthias Groppe, Marc Bui and Romano Pagliari  
  • Responding to Uncertainty on Approach in Hazardous Situations

    Authors: Ronish T. Joyekurun, William Wong and Paola Amaldi  
  • Automation for Task Aanlysis of Next Generation Air Traffic Management Systems

    Authors: Maricel Medina, Lance Sherry and Michael Feary  
  • Human-Centred Innovation: Developing 3D-in-2D Displays for ATC

    Authors: B.L. William Wong, Simone Rozzi, Stephen Gaukrodger, Alessandro Boccalatte, Paola Amaldi, Bob Fields, Martin Loomes and Peter Martin  
  • Embedded eye tracker in a real aircraft: new perspectives on pilot/aircraft interaction monitoring

    Authors: Frederic Dehais, Mickael Causse and Josette Pastor  
  • Visual Cognition Abilities in X-Ray Screening

    Author: Diana Hardmeier and Adrian Schwaninger  
  • The Impact of Image Based Factors and Training on Threat Detection Performance in X-ray Screening

    Authors: Adrian Schwaninger, Anton Bolfing, Tobias Halbherr, Shaun Helman, Andrew Belyavin and Lawrence Hay  
  • Comparison of Data Envelopment Analysis Methods Used in Airport Benchmarking

    Author: David Schaar and Lance Sherry  
  • Improving Aircraft Turn Around Reliability

    Author: Hartmut Fricke and Michael Schultz  
  • Runways sequences and ground traffic optimisation

    Authors: Raphael Deau, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland and Nicolas Durand  
  • Accuracy of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Predicting Aircraft Taxi-out Times

    Authors: Poornima Balakrishna, Rajesh Ganesan and Lance Sherry  
  • Research of the relation between the sustainability of hourly capacity at Schiphol airport, KLM arrival punctuality and the percentage of KLM transfer passengers at risk of loosing their connection

    Author: Dragana Mijatovic and Marleen Meert  
  • A Preliminary Evaluation of Potential Cargo Demand for Very Light Jets

    Author: Yue Xu and Antonio A. Trani  
  • Untapped potential of on-board advertising

    Authors: Benedikt Badanik, Hitham Fakih, and Milan Stefanik  
  • Pricing schemes based on air navigation service charges to reduce en-route ATFM delays

    Author: Andrea Ranieri and Lorenzo Castelli  
  • Estimation of Aviation Infrastructure Condition from a Biased Sample

    Authors: Gautam Gupta, Jasenka Rakas and Mark Hansen  
  • On the Use of Near Field Computational Fluid Dynamics for Improving Airport Related Dispersion Models

    Author: Syoginus S. Aloysius and Luiz C. Wrobel  
  • Optimal departure aircraft trajectories minimising population annoyance

    Authors: Xavier Prats, Vicenc Puig, Joseba Quevedo and Fatiha Nejjari  
  • An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Operational Aviation Turbulence Forecasting

    Authors: Jennifer Abernethy, Robert Sharman and Elizabeth Bradley  
  • An Environmental Airport ATM Modelling Support Tool and its use in Stacking and CDA Scenarios

    Author: Alexander Goman and David Atkins  
  • Analysis of Emissions Inventory for "Single-Engine Taxi-Out" operations

    Authors: Vivek Kumar, Lance Sherry and Terrence Thompson  
  • On the Use of Visualization Tools to Present Complex Simulated Environmental Data for Policy Making

    Authors: Daniel Pearce, Luiz Wrobel, Ian Fulle  
  • Peak oil, fuel costs and the future of aviation

    Author: Richard Klophaus  
  • Analysis of Air Transportation for the New York Metroplex: Summer 2007

    Authors: Liya Wang, George Donohue, Karla Hoffman, Lance Sherry and Rosa Oseguera-Lohr  
  • Demand for Low-Cost Airlines in Australia

    Authors: Panarat Srisaeng, Cees Bil, Margaret Tein  
  • Information Design for Collaboration in Distributed Team Work

    Authors: Simone Rozzi, Paola Amaldi and Bob Fields  
  • Optimising the Predictability and Flexibility of Dynamic System: Case of 4D Aircraft Trajectory of Air Traffic Management

    Author: Trung-Tuyen Hoang  
  • The Integrator Market

    Author: Evy Onghena  
  • A Construction Rationale to Tailor Crew Resource Management Training to Target Audiences

    Authors: Vera Hagemann, Sandrina Ritzmann and Annette Kluge  
  • Technology Assessment and Prioritization for Small and Medium Airports: A Methodological Approach

    Authors: Olivia J. Pinon, Dimitri Mavris and Elena Garcia  
  • Evaluating aeronautical regulations using rigorous specifications

    Author: Eduardo Rafael Lopez Ruiz