ICRAT 2022 Technical Papers

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Accepted Papers

Best Paper

Human Performance
  • The Impact of Mental Model Switching on Air Traffic Controller’s Workload in Multi Remote Tower Operations

    Authors: Lu Zhenna, Sameer Alam, & Nimrod Lilith; Billy Josefsson  
  • Rostering practices and ATCO productivity in Area Control Centres

    Authors: Goran Pavlović, Radosav Jovanović, Milan Stanojević  
  • The Influence of Rostering Factors on Fatigue in an Irregular Shift System in Air Traffic Control

    Author: Maximilian Peukert and Lothar Meyer  
  • Investigating Ocular and Head-Yaw Measures as Indicators for Workload and Fatigue under Varying Taskload Conditions

    Authors: Lothar Meyer, Maximilian Peukert; Tatiana Polishchuk, Christiane Schmidt  
  • Study of Different Task Loading and Cognitive Workload Changes Using Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy

    Authors: Justin T. Serwinski, Jaime Kerr, Pratusha Reddy, Kurtulus Izzetoglu; Patricia A. Shewokis  
System Performance
  • Probabilistic Analysis of Air Traffic in Adverse Weather Scenarios

    Authors: Eduardo Andrés, Javier García-Heras, Daniel González, Manuel Soler; Tomislav Radišić, Petar Andraši; Alfonso Valenzuela, Antonio Franco, Juan Nunez-Portillo, Damián Rivas  
  • Designing Recurrent and Graph Neural Networks to Predict Airport and Air Traffic Network Delays

    Authors: Junzi Sun, Tristan Dijkstra, Constantinos Aristodemou, Vlad Buzetelu, Theo Falat, Tim Hogenelst, Niels Prins, Benjamin Slijper  
  • Integrated Airside Landside Framework to Assess Passenger Missed Connections with Airport Departure Metering

    Authors: Hasnain Ali, Duc-Thinh Pham, Sameer Alam; Michael Schultz  
Fuel / Emissions / Environment
  • Climate Optimal Trajectory Planning at Network-Scale: Complexity Assessment Based on Probabilistic Conflicts

    Authors: Fateme Baneshi, Manuel Soler, Abolfazl Simorgh, Daniel González-Arribas, Eduardo Andrés  
  • Estimating Fuel Consumption based on Trajectory Data using Machine Learning Method

    Authors: Zhuoming Du, Junfeng Zhang, Honglian Miao, Rong Hu  
  • Environmental Impact Optimisation of Flight Plans in a Fixed and Free Route network

    Authors: Florent Vergnes, Judicaël Bedouet, Xavier Olive, Junzi Sun  
Trajectory Modeling / Optimization
  • Optimization of Departure Routes Beyond Aircraft Noise Abatement

    Authors: Thomas Zeh, Martin Lindner, Judith Rosenow, and Hartmut Fricke  
  • Trajectory Specification to Support High- Throughput Continuous Descent Approaches

    Author: Titilayo Fasoro and Hamsa Balakrishnan  
  • Impact of Explicit Memory on Dynamic Conflict Resolution

    Authors: Sarah Degaugue, Nicolas Durand, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland  
Advanced Modeling
  • Scenario-based Strategic Flight Reassignment in Multiple Airport Regions

    Authors: Ang Li, Mark Hansen  
  • A Runway Exit Prediction Model with Visually Explainable Machine Decisions

    Authors: Chuan Jie Woo, Sim Kuan Goh, Sameer Alam, Md Meftahul Ferdaus, Mohamed Ellejmi  
  • Assessment of minimum ground time for air taxis based on turnaround critical path modeling

    Authors: Robert Brühl, Hartmut Fricke  
  • Modeling Aircraft Braking Performance and Runway Condition using Machine Learning

    Authors: Wenxin Zhang, Alexia Payan, David Anvid, HyunKi Lee, Tejas G. Puranik, Michelle Kirby, Dimitri N. Mavris  
  • Conflict Resolution with Time Constraints in the Terminal Maneuvering Area using a Distributed Q-Learning Algorithm

    Author: Antoine Henry; Daniel Delahaye; Alfonso Valenzuela  
  • Improving Safety of Vertical Manoeuvres in a Layered Airspace with Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Authors: Jan Groot, Marta Ribeiro, Joost Ellerbroek and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Route network design in low-altitude airspace for future urban air mobility operations

    Authors: Zhengyi Wang, Daniel Delahaye; Jean-Loup Farges; Sameer Alam  
  • Cost-Aware Congestion Management Protocols for Advanced Air Mobility

    Author: Victor Qin and Hamsa Balakrishnan  
  • Routing with Privacy for Drone Package Delivery Systems

    Authors: Geoffrey Ding, Alex Berke, Kwassi H. Degue, Hamsa Balakrishnan; Karthik Gopalakrishnan; Max Z. Li  
Network Management
  • Airline Schedule Recovery at Hub Airports including Dynamic Cost Indexing and Re- Routing

    Authors: Jan Evler, Judith Rosenow, Hartmut Fricke  
  • Flight Rescheduling to Improve Passenger Journey during Airport Access Mode Disruptions

    Author: Geoffrey Scozzaro; Ji Ma; Daniel Delahaye; Eric Feron; Catherine Mancel  
  • Sector Entry Flow Prediction Based on Graph Convolutional Networks

    Authors: Chunyao Ma, Sameer Alam, Qing Cai, Daniel Delahaye  
  • Airline Disruption Management with Delay Ledgers

    Authors: Christopher Chin, Hamsa Balakrishnan; Karthik Gopalakrishnan; Max Z. Li  
  • Excess Delay from GDP: Measurement and Causal Analysis

    Authors: Ke Liu, Mark Hansen  
  • Automated Traffic Scheduling in TMA with Point Merge to Enable Greener Descents

    Author: Henrik Hardell; Tatiana Polishchuk and Lucie Smetanová  
Economics / Policy / Equity
  • Democratizing Aviation Emissions Estimation: Development of an Open-Source, Data-Driven Methodology

    Authors: Andy G. Eskenazi, Landon G. Butler, Arnav P. Joshi, Megan S. Ryerson  
  • AIMing for Equity in Aviation Accessibility: Development of the Aviation-accessibility Integrated Mobility (AIM) Metric

    Authors: Shriya Karam, Stephanie J. Nam, and Megan S. Ryerson  
  • Benefits of Shifting Passenger Traffic from Air to Rail

    Authors: Kaijing Ding, Lu Dai, Mark Hansen  
Doctoral Symposium
  • Identifying Aviation Operation Types Using Flight Trajectories

    Author: Zhuoxuan Cao; David J. Lovell  
  • Development of QGIS tools to aid in airport operations modeling using ADS-B data

    Author: Aishwarya Bokil; Seth B. Young  
  • Toward Real-Time Stochastic Conformal Anomaly Detection in Terminal Airspace

    Author: Hong-Cheol Choi; Inseok Hwang  
  • A Multi-Branch Convolutional Neural Network for Predicting Airport Throughput – Using ATL Airport as Case Study

    Author: Huang Feng; Yu Zhang  
  • Improving Conflict Prevention in Constrained Very Low-Level Urban Airspace, U-Space

    Authors: Andres Morfin Veytia, Joost Ellerbroek, and Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Conflict Prevention, Detection, and Resolution in Constrained Very Low-Level Urban Airspace

    Authors: Călin Andrei Badea, Joost Ellerbroek, Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Exploration of On-Demand Urban Air Mobility: Demand Forecast, Infrastructure Location and Capacity Identification, and Vehicle Fleet Size Design

    Author: Zhiqiang Wu; Yu Zhang  
  • Airspace Design and Conflict-free Flight Planning for Urban Air Mobility

    Author: Hualong Tang; Yu Zhang  
  • Assessing and Modelling Climate Optimal Flights Using Open Surveillance and Remote Sensing Data

    Authors: Esther Roosenbrand, Junzi Sun, Irene C. Dedoussi, Daphne Stam, Jacco Hoekstra  
  • Enabling Safe and Efficient Separation through Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

    Authors: Jan Groot, Joost Ellerbroek, Jacco Hoesktra  
  • Data-Driven Optimization of Airside Operations Under Uncertainty

    Author: Hasnain Ali; Sameer Alam